Capri Island! A piece of paradise

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September 13, 2015 0 Comments 2 Photos

A trip to Italy lead me to this hidden little island and I was not disappointed!

Today I’m sharing some pictures of Capri Island. During our journey to Rome, we decided to visit Capri too. I heard about Capri Island on one of those travel channels and was happy to learn it wasn’t too far from Rome.

We took a train from Rome to Naples, You can get a train ticket for about $56 one-way, which would take 3 hours. Or, you can buy a ticket for a faster train that would get you there in an hour & a half for about $79. We opt. for the faster train as we wanted to catch an early ferry. We found out that Hydrofoils are faster, slightly more expensive than ferries. Single tickets cost $24, ferry tickets cost approximately $17, we opt. for the hydrofoils as we were excited to get there!

We stayed at a cute hotel up the hill. Each room had these huge terrace overlooking the ocean. It was nice to hang out in the evening with a bottle of wine after a long day.


The beaches are just beautiful but it’s pebbly so make sure you wear water shoes going into the water if your feet are sensitive!


This is the famous Faraglioni Rocks!


The rest of the pictures were from our outing around Capri and a trip to AnnaCapri!


Hope you enjoy and let me know if you’ve ever been and what was your favorite part of Capri!


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