Klis Fortress

· GOT fans... explore the footsteps of Khaleesi's in Meereen!!! ·

October 20, 2017 3 Comments

Check out the beautiful views from Kliss Fortress!

It’s actually called Fortress of Klis, but I like Klis Fortress better… The truth is, I can never remember the names to places, people and things! Usually when I’m trying to remember a name to something/someone it starts out like; that one guy, with long hair, something snow who becomes friends with the wildlings. Hubby’s response; Game of Thrones? Lol and I’m actually such a huge fan despite my forgetfulness!

Scroll down and check it out.

Overlooking the city of Split, way up in the mountains, lies this small village of Klis. At the very top of the village is the fortress built into a rocky ridge with the most incredible views of Split, the Adriatic Sea and surrounding islands. There is some interesting history, like the Fortress being more than 2000 years old, you can read more about the history on wikipedia by clicking HERE.

But I went because it was a filming spot for one of my favorite shows Game Of Thrones !!!

So hard to explain how cool it was to explore the footsteps of Khaleesi’s in Meereen from the show Game of Thrones!!! If you’re not a GOT fan (which would be crazy) here are 3 reasons you should visit this place anyway!

  1. The View! We went at sunset and it was breath-taking
  2. You can explore with Freedom – no ropes or rules where you can’t go
  3. No Lines or Crowds


Hope you enjoyed the pics, let me know if you’ve ever been here or have any questions!




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    November 2, 2017

    Looks like it was fun to explore! Great photos. #gltlove

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      November 26, 2017

      Thanks Kim! It was fun and beautiful, for sure!:)

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    November 27, 2017

    Great Pictures!