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A personal diary of a curious mind. Exploring all things beautiful with my camera, phone and a selfie stick!

Plitvice National Park

  During our second visit to Split, Croatia we decided we couldn’t leave without visiting Plitvice Lakes National Park and it’s worldly beauty: It literally looks like you are walking in a fairytale land. Planning a day at this beautiful park is a must! With around 1.2 million visitors a year and 15,000 tourists descending on it…

The Enchanted Streets of Stari Grad

· Croatia! ·

Stari Grad is one of the oldest towns in Europe, it was founded in 384 BC! The fact that this beautiful town has been preserved so well had me so curious to explore its cobble stone streets, old stone buildings and secret passageways of this ancient town.   I couldn’t stop taking pictures, every corner I…

Amsterdam Bikes on Bikes

· Bikes on bikes ·

I remember a time when going on vacation was a lot of hard work. There was so much planning, mapping, sightseeing that went into it that I ended up leaving my holiday needing another holiday to recover from the one I just had. I’m happy to say I’ve left the need to control my vacation…

Falling in love with Amsterdam

· Day 1 in Amsterdam ·

Where do I start? The endless canals, the overflow of bikes, the beautiful gabled houses and flower-decked water sides are just a start to what you can expect to see in this beautiful city. Among the ambiance of it all you will find Museums, Galleries along with cool beer bars and a little extra relaxation…

Klis Fortress

· GOT fans... explore the footsteps of Khaleesi's in Meereen!!! ·

It’s actually called Fortress of Klis, but I like Klis Fortress better… The truth is, I can never remember the names to places, people and things! Usually when I’m trying to remember a name to something/someone it starts out like; that one guy, with long hair, something snow who becomes friends with the wildlings. Hubby’s…

A piece of heaven… Mallorca, Spain

· Mallorca, Spain... A piece of Heaven ·

Hi everyone, Today I wanted to share pictures from our visit to Mallorca, specifically a beach we fell in love with during our stay. Mallorca, is an island located in the Mediterranean Sea and is one of the largest islands there. In Mallorca Spanish is spoken, However we found that many of the locals speak Catalan. …

When in Rome

· Three days in Italy’s capital left me desperate for another taste of Rome’s yummy food and romantic vibes. ·

On the top of my bucket list to visit, Rome was everything I imagined and more. Three days in Italy’s capital left me desperate for another taste of Rome’s yummy food and romantic vibes. Of course when I visited this lovely country for the first time I should’ve invested in a good camera. Nonetheless here…

Capri Island! A piece of paradise

· A piece of Paradise ·

Today I’m sharing some pictures of Capri Island. During our journey to Rome, we decided to visit Capri too. I heard about Capri Island on one of those travel channels and was happy to learn it wasn’t too far from Rome. We took a train from Rome to Naples, You can get a train ticket…

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